Kimberley Fine Diamonds

27 October 2021

It was a very humid, very sweaty afternoon in late October. The build up had been keeping us company for a few weeks leading up, with high levels of humidity. We had been keeping an eye out on the weather forecast which predicted rain. Although it was early in the season for that, we could see some storms and rain looming on the radar.


Being a part of creating this image collection for Kimberley Fine Diamonds, has been a highlight for me.

Kimberley Fine Diamonds is located in Kununurra and known as Australia's most remote diamond house, established in 1991 by outback pioneer Frauke Bolten-Boshammer.

I worked closely with Frauke's daughter Katrina, who was the driving force for this shoot. Katrina also designed this gorgeous collection with their Master Jeweller, Joe Sanchez, who handcrafted each piece.

The images were for KFD's Pink Wonder Collection - Gerany ngenhengbe-ngoowing ngoondengiyijang. 'A monumental collection celebrating the 30th anniversary and the unique Argyle Pink Diamond. Every piece in this nostalgic collection is handcrafted, showcasing natural white and pink diamonds from the now-concluded Argyle Diamond Mine.'

Katrina had a clear vision in mind for the shoot and I felt privileged to be able to bring her ideas to life. After a few planning sessions, a date was locked in and away we went!

Our locations included the amazing Zebedee Springs at El Questro and a stunning location beneath the Cockburn Range on the Gibb River Road.

The air was thick, our Kununurra models Liesa and Tori did an amazing job staying poised and on task with high temperatures. Meanwhile videographer Chris Magnay and myself were submerged in the water below to capture the footage. Sounds refreshing right? However the water at this location is hot springs, so we were feeling the heat as well!

Katrina had hand picked the beautiful outfits for our models which were absolutely stunning and perfectly suited to the vibe of the shoot.

A couple of hours in and the rain began to fall! Our set up in amongst the huge livistona palm trees became slowly saturated from the rain above. Some of the larger palms leaves provided us with shelter, enough to keep some of our things dry. However I should add that the rain was welcomed, as it took the edge away from the stifling heat just earlier.

We continued shooting in Zebedee Springs for a short time before heading to our second location. Chris and I were both getting distracted by some of the epic storm cell formations surrounding us as we arrived at the next spot, but then pulled ourselves away to commence shooting again with an incredible backdrop.

The stormy weather created a moody setting for our models in front of the Cockburn Range. At first I had a few concerns as the sun was being blocked by the clouds, however it turned out perfect and gave the images the feel that we were hoping for.

I love love loved working on these images! As well as the trust given to me by Katrina and the KFD team to create what they had envisaged.

When I look back on the final image gallery... it feels magic.

These images are very special to me and I'm proud to be able to share them with you.

Katrina has been sharing the images on KFD's website and social media, links listed below. Included in these posts are Chris Magnay's beautiful video creations, well worth a look.

(The gallery below is best viewed large. So if you're looking at this on your phone, write yourself a reminder to revisit this page once you're back on the laptop or computer. It'll be worth it I promise.)

Company: Kimberley Fine Diamonds | Website | Facebook | Instagram
Models: Liesa Conley from Kununurra and Gija Jaru Model Tori Elliott
Photography: Landi Bradshaw Photography | Website | Facebook | Instagram
Shoot Coordinator: Katrina Pardo from Kimberley Fine Diamonds
Videographer: Chris Magnay | Facebook | Instagram
Location: El Questro - Gibb River Road, East Kimberley region, Western Australia
Shoot for: Pink Wonder Collection - Gerany ngenhengbe-ngoowing ngoondengiyijang

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