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10 May 2022

It's always exciting when a new business is launched in the East Kimberley, it's even more exciting when the new business has been launched by friends!

Brad and Kate had been busily working behind the scenes for some time to create East Kimberley Charters, before our photoshoot day in August 2021. When I say busy, I mean busy! These guys take so much care and pride in every aspect of the business, to ensure it's how they envisaged right from the start.

Brad has been a keen fisherman since he was a young kid, born into a fishing lifestyle under his dad - Dick Pasfield. Maybe it was destiny? Maybe he had no choice thanks to his dad? (Jokes...) Either way, Brad's passion for fishing in the East Kimberley region has been a huge part of his life and has now brought him to today - bringing his and Kate's dream to life.

The aim for the photoshoot was to capture a feel for East Kimberley Charters and the quality services that they offer. The images needed to show the beautiful region and landscape, fishing in action, the amazing vessel, food and drink on offer, fishing gear and the different tour options. These photos were captured to be used for the website, social media, tour booking pages, brochures and any other advertising and promo.

Now, back to the exciting stuff. This isn't just your every day fishing charter company. Not only do they offer half day or full day fishing experiences out from Wyndham, they also offer the Ultimate Fishing Experience! The name gives off the vibe for this tour, but keep reading to find out what it's all about. You arrive to your boat and skipper who are waiting for you in the Lyne River via seaplane with Kimberley Air Tours. A fly-in fishing tour, next level stuff. This brings you to one of Australia's most remote fishing locations... as well as an incredible scenic flight there and back! A warm coffee and snacks are on offer when you land to kick off the morning, before heading to your first location to throw in the lines. This is absolutely one to put on your to do list.

As expected one of the main aims for the tours is to catch the elusive barramundi, however it's often said that the experience in itself is a highlight. Being out on the water in the Kimberley landscape, watching birds and wildlife in their natural habitat, seeing locations that not many others get to see and experiencing this beautiful part of Australia.

I hadn't been out to this location before, so the day itself was super enjoyable for me! I loved being out there to soak up the sights, sounds, smells and all aspects of the area. I feel priviledged to be able to create this image gallery for Brad and Kate to launch their new venture.

A huge credit to all the hard work they have put in to get this up and running! (And from what I hear, bookings are steadily flowing in. If this is something that's up your alley, you may want make contact soon.)

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