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Opening Night

13th August 2021

From Landi:

Something exciting has been happening behind the scenes recently... and it's now here to share with you all!

Artopia Framing & Photography has opened in Kununurra at 116 Coolibah Drive!

(The old Toyworld building, 3 doors to the left of Subway).

Artopia's framing business is now based in this beautiful new space and I am lucky enough to have my prints displayed on the walls. Still can't believe it's real!

A huge thank you to the Yollandè the amazing framer, a helping hand from Abby at Artopia Gallery and of course... I can't thank Cally Bugg enough. The business owner and brains behind all of this - for this incredible opportunity.

The exhibition prints from the opening night are currently on display and available to take home as your very own. I would love you all to come in and have a look. Exciting times ahead!

Landi Bradshaw & Cally Bugg

From Artopia Framing & Photography:

Wow, we are feeling very humbled by the Kununurra community.

Thank you so much to everyone who came along to the opening night on Friday, it was an overload of good vibes.

We are so excited to share this journey with everyone and if the support from Friday was a sign of things to come... we can't wait!

Exciting news, as of today, Artopia Framing & Photography is open. Please pop in to say hi! We are located at the old Toyworld building, 3 doors to the left of Subway.

Landi Bradshaw's exhibition prints are displayed throughout the building and very much available to purchase.

Can't wait to see you all!
Cally, Yollandè and Landi xx

P.S. Artopia Gallery is still open for business as usual, featuring local artists of the Kimberley - at 144 Konkerberry Drive, Kununurra.

Landi, Cally & Yollandè

Opening Night Photos

Image Credit: Huge thank you to Angel Tomas from East Kimberley College for capturing these beautiful images from the evening.

Artopia Framing & Photography

Facebook: Artopia Framing & Photography
Phone: 0487 028 938
Address: 116 Coolibah Drive, Kununurra WA 6743
Framer: Yollandè Grimley
Owner: Cally Bugg

Landi Bradshaw Photography

Facebook: Landi Bradshaw Photography
Phone: 0422 551 579

Artopia Gallery

Facebook: Artopia Gallery
Phone: (08) 91681 882
Address: 144 Konkerberry Drive, Kununurra WA 6743
Gallery Manager: Abby Holt
Owner: Cally Bugg

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