Karunjie Track

2nd June 2019

The Karunjie Track runs from the Pentecost River to the King River Road (or Home Valley Station / Gibb River Road to Wyndham, whichever way you would like to put it). A long weekend with no plans meant exploring this area was definitely on the cards. 

The dirt road runs past the magnificent Cockburn Range (seeing the ‘other side’ of the range), over vast mudflats, endless birds and wildlife, through Digger’s Rest Station, lots of creeks and waterholes (some dried up due to the time of year), SO many Boab trees and of course all with beautiful dry season weather. 

We camped one night beside the Pentecost River, then the following 2 nights on a riverside camp at Digger’s Rest Station. The Karunjie Track is very rough and slow-moving with rocky creek beds and washouts, the Prado made it through okay with only minor damage (ideally you need a tad more clearance for this track). We went fishing with unfortunately no luck, however just camping out under the stars, sitting by the campfire at night, most of the time with no phone signal was perfect for me. 

Landscape prints from this trip are available on my online Print Store.

Digger’s Rest Station
Home Valley Station
Kununurra Visitor Centre 

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