Helicopter Flight from Emma Gorge Resort

7th June 2019

One of my favourite aerial photography helicopter flights would be this one, departing with HeliSpirit via Emma Gorge to fly over the Cockburn Range, incredible Wyndham mudflats and King River. I flew alongside fellow photographer Dylan Fox and his partner Sara who were travelling through the Kimberley on holiday at the time. 

The Cockburn Range is well known for its strong Kimberley beauty, seeing it above gave me a whole new appreciation for the range. 

However, for me, the real unsung hero was the King River and Wyndham mudflats. The aerial patterns that can be seen from above really are mind-blowing, and as I was photographing the area I didn’t know where to shoot next. From taking a wide shot of the systems of tributaries and creeks, to zooming in close on the detail of the branching arms of the smaller waterways, the patterns are a pure work of nature’s art. These are some of my favourite captures to date.

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Information on flights here: 

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