Gibb River Road Camping

2nd May 2020

It's the day that everyone waits for at the end of the wet season... the first day of dry season. Finally, it has arrived! With a night time temperature forecast for 15 degrees, it's almost compulsory to head out bush and sleep under the stars.

You may have seen this particular spot in a few of my previous landscape photos, however I hadn't yet camped here overnight. It was as magic as I could have imagined with the light from the campfire lighting up this amazing boab tree as we enjoyed the cool night air.

Waking up was even more special, warm and comfy in the roof top tent, watching the sun rays make their way over the range to begin the day.

The next day we went for a bit of exploring and fishing down the Karunjie Track. Finishing the day seeing the Cockburn Range light up at sunset over the Pentecost Crossing is a moment I will never forget.

Landscape prints from this trip are available on my online Print Store.

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