Boab Tree at Digger's Rest Station

$500 Print Giveaway

1st June 2022

Wow. Can you believe it? We are almost half way through 2022 and are well into the dry season. Dragonflies are everywhere and places that were inaccessible in the wet season are now open. For the first time in a few years, travel in/out of the East Kimberley is finally possible again. Friends are catching up, grandparents are meeting their grandchildren and we are starting to see normality once again in the East Kimberley. It makes my heart so full knowing that good things are happening.

If you are living in Kununurra currently, you would have noticed the increase in travellers to town who have been extremely envious of us having this magnificent place all to ourselves. I have been thinking of a way to celebrate this time, and encourage everyone to appreciate the country that surrounds us. Get out camping if you can, hike to a waterfall at El Questro, go for a drive to the lookout at Wyndham or maybe even buy yourself a landscape print! Whether you are currently in town enjoying the beautiful weather, or find yourself further away, you can be in the draw to win a print worth $500 delivered to you.

Print Giveaway

For the month of June 2022 I am running a giveaway to win this stunning print.

If you’ve had your eye on a landscape print for a while, this could be the time to order.

Boab Tree at Digger's Rest Station

The Digger's Rest Station boab tree is currently my favourite boab tree photograph, each one is so unique, with their own histories and stories. This one in particular stands tall and commands your attention. The image was captured during a 4 day camping trip along the Karunjie Track finishing up at Digger's Rest Station, you can read about it here in my blog post.

Now for the details...

The print worth $500 comes framed and will be delivered straight to you, Australia-wide.

Entering is straightforward, anyone who places an order for landscape prints before the end of June 2022, will go in the draw to win the $500 boab tree landscape print above. You can place your order in-person at Artopia Framing & Photography or from the online print shop.

Any landscape print order made through the online store will be eligible (no minimum spend) - including fine art, canvas, framed and acrylic. Once you have placed your order you will automatically go in the draw.

If you are the lucky winner, you can choose to pass on this gift to a loved one or save it for a special occasion. Better yet, keep it for yourself!

If ordering a print has been lingering in the back of your mind, now could be the perfect time with this huge giveaway.

It’s also the end of the financial year soon - don’t forget prints can be claimed as a business expense as office decor.

Remember to follow my Facebook page for the announcement. The winner will be drawn at random at the start of July.

Time for a browse? Click here to see Kimberley landscape prints. It's free shipping Australia-wide!

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