The Hoochery Distillery
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14th December 2020

The Hoochery Distillery is the oldest continuous legal operating in WA and has been running for over 25 years! From a small humble Kununurra business, it's so great to see the Hoochery thriving today, whilst not moving away from their family-orientated and down to earth feel.

The Hoochery was seeking a new set of imagery for the business to be used in social media, their website and general promo / info material.

After several planning days, we set the dates for the shoot over two days in hot and humid December, getting in just before Xmas.

The aim was to capture images of the products, the process of making cocktails, life at the distillery, staff photos and anything else that popped up on the day. One of the goals was to capture the Argyle Pink Gin with its own look, as its quite different from the rum. The rum and whiskey are suited to warm, dark, rustic colours, whist the gin is more suited to whites, light tones and pops of colour.

The majority of the surroundings in the Hoochery are rustic so we needed something to use as a backdrop for the gin. No backdrop? No worries! Kalyn had a piece of ply and an old top of a barrel that she sprayed white. Perfect! We used this for the gin photos and pouring of cocktails, worked a treat.

Rayleigh was on cocktail duty, whilst it may look like it was a cruisy day at the bar sipping cocktails, there was a lot of work put into making them look just as we had envisaged.

This would have to be one of my favourite shoots to date. Kalyn and the team put complete trust in me to produce the images they were seeking, which allowed me to get creative and come up with the range of photos you see below.

I love working with small business, even more so when they support other small local business such as myself. There's a great vibe at the Hoochery, which I'm sure everyone who has visited would agree. If not, hopefully the warm, welcoming and authentic vibe shines through these images!

Feel like purchasing rum, whiskey or gin of your own, or learning more about their story? Click here: The Hoochery Distillery Website

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