TANE Training
Kununurra Fitness Business

Kate Guymer created TANE Training in 2018 to offer challenging workouts in Kununurra. Tailored to suit any fitness levels, incorporating a combination of Crossfit, F45 and Les Mills styled sessions.

Kate's objective was for the photos to look real with a bit of grit, no photoshop and studio styling here. This style of imagery would keep in line with the branding for social media and a new website.

It was a great afternoon photo session and Kate kept pushing during the workouts, every time I would say 'ok now one more set' - to get the right shot. I almost became the trainer!

You can find Kate's info here:

Website | tanetraining.com.au
Facebook | www.facebook.com/TANETraining

(In case you were wondering what TANE stands for... There Are No Excuses)

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