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LBP1107 - Bungle Bungle Sunrise

Alarms were set for 3:30am to beat the Kimberley sunrise down in Purnululu National Park. Our hike began through Piccaninny Creek in the dark with head torches lighting the way. First light of the morning was amongst us as our eyes began to adjust to the darkness once the torches were turned off. We were dwarfed by the extraordinary Bungle Bungle domes that surrounded us as they slowly appeared, with minimal sounds aside from faint sounds of birds in the distance.

We walked further along the creek bed until we were in front of a stunning vista where the Bungle Bungle Range presented itself to us in effortless beauty. The sky was a gorgeous purple and the colours of the domes began to develop as the minutes went by. My favourite part of taking photos before sunrise is capturing the colours before the strong sunlight actually hits, where the landscape is simply easing into the day.

Once the sun was up the domes glowed a bright orange and we were once again reminded of their size as we walked closer and looked directly upward to see the top.

This place is an ancient land 360 million years in the making and I feel privileged that we are able to explore these unique landforms, where Aboriginal people have been for over 40,000 years. This incredible area is significant to both the Kija and Jaru people.

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