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LBP1059 - Strike in Magenta

On a whirlwind week with a visiting photographer friend, we visited Wyndham many times as there is a huge variety of landscapes in the surrounding area.

It was February and the air thick and humid from the wet season weather changes. We were positioned at the top of the Wyndham Bastion (Five Rivers Lookout) with some incoming clouds far in the distance.

As we waited and watched the sun setting, sections of the clouds moved closer to us and formed this amazing storm formation. The colours from the sunset infiltrating the view in front of us and pulled in some rich colours of magenta, which then perfectly framed the non stop lightning bolts.

It was a very special storm to witness, even if we were being attacked by mosquitoes as the sun went down (they seem to love the warmth of the camera).

The Wyndham Bastion is an ideal location to watch storms, as it's a huge 330 metres above sea level.

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