Little Lewis Kimpton is Here

26th February 2021

The best thing about my job, is that I get to use my photography skills for friends and family.

It seemed like we were waiting forever for my friends Tegan and Blair's baby to arrive. During February of 2021, baby Lewis John Kimpton came into the world!

Lewie, Lew, Lewdacris, Lewie Vuitton, you name it. One of our favourite things is the many variations of our new little friend's name.

I love that I am able to give the gift of photos, something that can be held onto forever and treasured over the years to come.

It was a hot and humid wet season day, so the best option was to capture images of Lewie and his family in their beautiful home just out of town of Kununurra.

Tiny babies grow so quick, I was so happy we have these pictures whilst he is still brand new. A perfect afternoon.

If you would like to book at 'at home' photo session, full information here: Photo Session Packages

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