Kimberleyland Waterfront Villas

5th June 2020

You may have heard of the Kimberleyland Effect... this is just a small snippet of what it is.

Kimberleyland Waterfront Holiday Park in Kununurra offer beautiful waterfront villas overlooking the gorgeous Lily Creek Lagoon and Elephant Rock.

The aim for the image gallery was to evoke a feeling of a beautiful place to stay, which offers much more than its sole purpose. Creating an appeal for both visitors and locals was important when planning the ins and outs of the shoot.

We wanted the imagery to portray that a stay at the waterfront villas is an experience in itself; perfect for drinks on the front deck, dinner on the lake, getting ready for a wedding, a place to stay the night before a wedding, accommodation for wedding guests, or simply... a weekend away with friends!

Working on the images for Kimberleyland was an enjoyable process, as it created a new impression for the accommodation - hopefully initiating the mindset that it's more than a place to stay.

I have stayed in the waterfront villas several times myself. Although I live in Kununurra, it really felt like I was far away on holidays.

You can find Kimberleyland's info here:


Wedding Information: Venue
Wedding Information: Accommodation

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