Kimberley Grande Resort
Property Photos

3rd July 2020

The Kimberley Grande Resort is a beautiful 72 room hotel set amongst stunning gardens across from Lily Creek Lagoon in Kununurra.

The aim for the photoshoot was to increase the resort's current image gallery with updated photos. We really wanted to focus on the great atmosphere of the front deck looking over the lake, even more so with the overhanging lighting after the sun has gone down. The photos created an inviting feel of the deck and surrounds, with warmth from the afterglow of a Kimberley sunset.

The goal for the interior photos was to show the luxurious design as well as some stylish detail shots to keep inline with the deluxe feel of the resort. The objective was to use the images of the rooms, in conjunction with images of the rest of the property to give an overall impression of luxury and comfort in Kununurra.

My favourite part of this property shoot was creating a new perspective on the fantastic pool and surrounding area. We wanted to show the two huge beautiful boab trees adjacent to the pool, as well as the lush gardens enclosing the area - giving it a truly tropical feel.

You can find the Kimberley Grande Resort's information here:


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