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Wedding Albums

Picture this... your wedding day has been and gone, it was magic, you have your full wedding image gallery saved on your computer, you have shared your favourite photos online... now what?

In today's world, wedding photos are shared and enjoyed for the weeks following the wedding, then sadly they seem to slip off the radar. Although the digital world is great in many ways, it also has its downfalls.

Think about the times you have been at a friend's house and they have photos on the walls, on the mantlepiece, even on the fridge, or better yet - a printed photo album. It's something that you enjoy looking through and feel a sense of connection to.

Holding something tangible in your hands creates a type of nostalgia that photos on a screen simply cannot. It takes you right back to that moment which evokes strong emotion that only an album can.

Please have a read through this page to see if a fine art wedding album is for you. Keeping in mind that an album can save your photos from being lost in the digital world, whilst also creating a family heirloom to be shared and potentially passed down through generations.

Stunning Matte Art flat albums are hand constructed using Italian book binding machines and techniques. 

It's an album that you will display proudly in your home, as a keepsake of a moment in time.

Something that you can hold, feel and get lost looking through the images from your day.

A truly sentimental item to have in your home, to share with loved ones, or to appreciate on a quiet night at home with a glass of wine.

Wedding Album Information

Cover Material

I believe that wedding albums need to be presented beautifully, with timeless materials. The albums have a gorgeous natural raw linen cover, including personalised engraving on the front cover.

Page Type

Atkins matte art paper is a luxurious soft paper printed using dye based inks that penetrate deep into the paper for durability. I only offer albums with the chosen thick page option, as this creates an exquisite feel when appreciating your images on each page. (See image in gallery below with 20c coin for a comparison on thickness).

Cover Size

The sizes listed below, are in inches (e.g. 12x12 inches) when the album is closed - the size of the cover.

Lay-Flat Double Page Spreads

You have the choice of 15 or 25 lay-flat double page spreads, also known as a continuous page spread. Atkins Matte Art Paper is sandwiched with archival adhesives allows stunning double page spreads on single sheets of paper. For every 'spread', there is 2 pages. (I.e. 15 spreads = 30 pages, 25 spreads = 50 pages).

Linen Keepsake Box

Each album is presented in a beautiful linen keepsakes box. This ensures the longevity of your album for years to come.

Early Bird Pricing

If ordering an album at the time of booking, or any time prior to your big day, you are eligible to access the special early bird pricing as listed below.

Duplicate Album (20% off)

A duplicate album is a replica order of your album, in a smaller size. I.e. If ordering a 12x12 album, you can order a 10x10 or 8x8 as a duplicate. When ordering a 10x10 album, you can order an 8x8 as a duplicate. (Unfortunately the 12x12 size can't be ordered as the duplicate copy). The design is the exact same as main album. The price is 20% less than the main album.

Album Pricing

Cover Size
Lay-Flat Double
Page Spreads
(after the wedding)
Early Bird Price
(at time of booking)

Duplicate Album Pricing*

Cover Size
Lay-Flat Double
Page Spreads
(after the wedding)
Early Bird Price
(at time of booking)
Available as a
duplicate of:
8x815$640$56012x12, 10x10
8x825$760$68012x12, 10x10

*Only available when ordering a wedding album in the price list above.

Choices / Things to Consider

  • Album size?
  • How many spreads / pages?
  • To order at time of booking or after the wedding?
  • Whether to get a duplicate album?


How long do the albums take?

After placing your order and payment is received, the albums usually take 4-6 weeks in production. Sometimes we're super lucky and they're here much sooner than this, or sometimes there are delays that means slightly longer.

Where are they made?

These incredible albums are hand-crafted by Atkins Lab in South Australia.

Who chooses the photos?

It's important for me to make this process easy for you, so I will select the images for the album. If there are any images you absolutely want included (or on the same note, don't want included) please let me know.

Who chooses the engraving text for the front cover?

This decision is completely up to you! It can be your names, your names and the date, just the date, 'One Day in June', something different, etc.

I don't live in Kununurra, how can I get my album?

Your album includes free shipping Australia-wide, just let me know the best postal address.

My friend ordered an album from a cheaper company online, should I?

There is always the option to jump online and google 'low cost photo albums'. Yes this means it will be cheaper, but it also guarantees the quality will also be lower. These online albums print in bulk at giant production companies, with basic ink types and cheap paper and materials. The albums are very unlikely to hold their quality over time and will deteriorate which can be quite upsetting. I see a wedding album as an investment that you will share with your children and your children's children. Investing in a quality album means that when you pull out the album in 10, 20, 30, 40 years' time, it's going to be as beautiful as the day you first opened it.

I am not sure whether to order the duplicate album?

The most common reason for this purchase, is for the parents / in-laws. However it can also be for the grandparents, aunties and uncles, your children, friends that are family, or anyone special in your life. This could be a planned order, or a surprise for your loved ones. Photos online disappear so quickly, a gorgeous album is something that your family will treasure and be proud to have in their home to reminisce upon.

Which album type is in the pictures?

12x12 inch, 25 spread fine art linen cover album.

(Featured is Alice and Josh's amazing Kununurra wedding in April 2021).

What now? How to order:

Please send an email to with your chosen album details.

If you have any questions please let me know, always happy to assist.

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