Family Photography - FAQ

I'm so awkward in front of the camera, what should I do?

I would make a guess that 80% of my clients say this. Please rest assured that the photo session is always relaxed, easy, fun and definitely not high pressure. We chat, laugh, walk around, check out different spots throughout. I usually leave you to stand naturally as I don't like to force posing, however I also assist if you may need to move or face a certain way for the light for example. You may be worried about what you look like, how you're standing, etc... then the final photos come through and you'll be so glad you went ahead and booked!

I am not sure where to go for our Sunset Collection photo session, can you help?

Yes, absolutely. I have a range of locations available that we can choose for your session.

My husband / partner / significant other isn't too keen on the photos, what should I do?

This is one of the most common comments I hear when a family is looking at booking in a session. Please don't criticise the family member that is feeling this way, it's totally normal! On the rare occasion that I find myself on the other side of the lens it always brings a bit of hesitation, it's a natural reaction. It's not something everyone enjoys and we need to remember that. It may come from a place of self-doubt or insecurity, it may be embarrassment, it may be that they have had a horrible and high pressure photoshoot in the past or it may just be that they aren't a fan of cameras! Nothing to worry about here. The majority of the time the actual photo session ends up being way less scary than imagined (I often receive feedback that my approach is quite laid-back which takes away any worries). Once the beautiful completed photo gallery is sent through, it's always met with 'wow, they turned out really great!', or 'I don't know why I was so worried'. I think it's key here to remind your family member that life is precious and photos are a memory you can hold onto always.

Can I order additional prints or framed prints:

Yes of course, once your photo session is complete and I have emailed you your online gallery, you can order as many as you like. For full information, please click here: Print Price List

What are high res photos?

High resolution photos are the photos in full size. This means it hasn't been compressed to a smaller sized photo file for emailing or social media, it's at 100% size. These file sizes are huge and are for you to keep once you have made your selections. Another way to look at this is these are the 'digital negatives'. Think back to when photography was film, you would get the negatives of the photos you select.

Do you supply RAW images?

I love to work on your imagery to get it looking absolutely perfect. Unfortunately no I don't supply the un-processed RAW images.

Am I able to select more high res photos than allocated in package?

Yes of course, please see full information here: Print Price List

I would LOVE a Storytelling Session, however I'm worried about what my house will look like, should I still book?

Yes yes yes and... yes! You may not think it, but you're not the only one with this type of concern. If I could give any advice here, it would be to think back to the reason this photo session style grabbed your attention. Was it so that you could have your house looking like a magazine photo from an IKEA brochure? Or was it to capture a real, true depiction of this beautiful time in your lives. When we have our pre-shoot catch up I'll scope out the best locations in the house, where the light is ideal, things that may need to be moved if they will be a distraction, plus you can fire away with any questions. I know that when I look back on old family photos from when we were kids, I notice things like the dinner plate in the photo, the toy that we were playing with, the beach towel we always used, favourite pair of shoes by the door. A beyond-perfect home that looks like a showroom isn't what this is about, it's all about capturing life as it really is, the beauty in every day life.

What do I wear?

  • Aim for natural, neutral, earthy tones and colours
  • Avoid bright/fluro/overpowering colours
  • Avoid large writing / logos on clothing
  • Comfortable is key
  • Dress nicely of course, however need to get dressed for Hollywood
  • Most importantly, simply have everyone's clothes complement each other, but not match (sorry no white shirts and blue jeans here!)
  • Lastly, don't worry too much about these it's not the be all and end all. As long as you use the above points as a guide and pick something comfy and nice for the day - it will be fine! 🙂

Do you use props?

I truly love capturing real and natural moments, focussing on emotion, personalities, connection and every day life. Props tend to interfere with the style of photography I love, so these aren't used in my photo sessions.

Why are the Storytelling Sessions longer than the Sunset Sessions?

Sunset Sessions are 60 minutes as this is perfect timing for the hour surrounding sunset to get the best lighting. We go specifically to a location to capture photos, lots of candid shots, with set shots as well. We are utilising the perfect soft sunset light, which has a limited timeframe.

When we are at your home creating your story in photos for the Storytelling Sessions, I shoot 'documentary style' observing and snapping away, only directing if needed. We need to be able to spend time at your home and let things happen naturally. If we reduced the duration, moments wouldn't happen as they usually would and may feel a bit forced. 90-120 minutes is the perfect timeframe to visit a few different areas of the house (maybe even the front or back yard as well), a few different activities (newborn in the bath, chilling in the lounge room, cooking in the kitchen, playing with toys, hanging out the back), plus it gives everyone a chance to relax and drop their guard.

What if the weather is bad?

Living in the Kimberley we all know that out of nowhere an epic storm may appear, there may be no light in the sky due to thick cloud, a bushfire close by, or any other change in weather conditions. I wish I had the power to predict what the weather will be at the time your photo session starts, however it may be a 'wait and see' type scenario. This means we will be in contact during the day to see what the weather is doing, I always opt for the photo session to still go ahead, however if I need to call it off I will. This means we will simply reschedule to another day, fingers crossed with better weather!

Why can't we have an outdoor photo session in the middle of the day?

The sunlight in the middle of the day is very bright and harsh. This bleaches out the beautiful colours of the landscape around us and also creates harsh shadows on people's faces. (Not to mention the heat!) The light in the afternoon becomes softer and creates the Kimberley 'glow' that you may see in other photos.

What if it's really hot for our outdoor shoot?

We live in the Kimberley so yep there's a chance it may be very warm. If you're worried about hot faces or kiddies having little rosy red cheeks you can bring a small esky/cooler with some cold wet towels and cold water. If we are in a location where you car is close by, we can load everyone back into the car mid-session for an aircon cool down (have done this plenty of times before).

Are gift vouchers available for family photos?

Yes they sure are! Send me an email with the details:
- To:
- From:
- If you would like it to be a dollar value / or package
- Any special messages
- Where you would like to voucher dropped to, or if you would like to pick it up

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