Emma Gorge & Amalia Gorge
with a 50mm Lens

11th April 2021

Everyone in Kununurra, plus a huge influx of visitors, are ecstatic with the news that El Questro has reopened for 2021! After remaining closed in 2020 for obvious reasons, we are so glad that we can visit this stunning part of the East Kimberley once again.

Today consisted of a visit to Emma Gorge and Amalia Gorge. Both were flowing beautifully and it was a welcoming feeling to be amongst the lush green surroundings once again.

I took along one camera only with a 50mm lens. It's a prime lens which means it stays at one focal length and doesn't zoom in and out.

Taking along one lens really makes you look deeper into the things right in front of you, or seeing things in the distance from a different perspective. We quite often get used to the focal length of our phones, which fit in the whole landscape in front of us, even more so with most phones having the option of a wide angle lens.

I really like way the 50mm lens makes you look at what's around you, in a way that you may not have with the naked eye.

Don't forget to click on the images below to view them in full size.

Emma Gorge

Amalia Gorge

For opening dates/hours and further info please contact: El Questro Wilderness Park
For all planning in the region please contact: Kununurra Visitor Centre

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