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10 May 2022

It's always exciting when a new business is launched in the East Kimberley, it's even more exciting when the new business has been launched by friends!

Brad and Kate had been busily working behind the scenes for some time to create East Kimberley Charters, before our photoshoot day in August 2021. When I say busy, I mean busy! These guys take so much care and pride in every aspect of the business, to ensure it's how they envisaged right from the start.

Brad has been a keen fisherman since he was a young kid, born into a fishing lifestyle under his dad - Dick Pasfield. Maybe it was destiny? Maybe he had no choice thanks to his dad? (Jokes...) Either way, Brad's passion for fishing in the East Kimberley region has been a huge part of his life and has now brought him to today - bringing his and Kate's dream to life.

The aim for the photoshoot was to capture a feel for East Kimberley Charters and the quality services that they offer. The images needed to show the beautiful region and landscape, fishing in action, the amazing vessel, food and drink on offer, fishing gear and the different tour options. These photos were captured to be used for the website, social media, tour booking pages, brochures and any other advertising and promo.

Now, back to the exciting stuff. This isn't just your every day fishing charter company. Not only do they offer half day or full day fishing experiences out from Wyndham, they also offer the Ultimate Fishing Experience! The name gives off the vibe for this tour, but keep reading to find out what it's all about. You arrive to your boat and skipper who are waiting for you in the Lyne River via seaplane with Kimberley Air Tours. A fly-in fishing tour, next level stuff. This brings you to one of Australia's most remote fishing locations... as well as an incredible scenic flight there and back! A warm coffee and snacks are on offer when you land to kick off the morning, before heading to your first location to throw in the lines. This is absolutely one to put on your to do list.

As expected one of the main aims for the tours is to catch the elusive barramundi, however it's often said that the experience in itself is a highlight. Being out on the water in the Kimberley landscape, watching birds and wildlife in their natural habitat, seeing locations that not many others get to see and experiencing this beautiful part of Australia.

I hadn't been out to this location before, so the day itself was super enjoyable for me! I loved being out there to soak up the sights, sounds, smells and all aspects of the area. I feel priviledged to be able to create this image gallery for Brad and Kate to launch their new venture.

A huge credit to all the hard work they have put in to get this up and running! (And from what I hear, bookings are steadily flowing in. If this is something that's up your alley, you may want make contact soon.)

See more from East Kimberley Charters:

Click on images to see full size

Kimberley Fine Diamonds

27 October 2021

It was a very humid, very sweaty afternoon in late October. The build up had been keeping us company for a few weeks leading up, with high levels of humidity. We had been keeping an eye out on the weather forecast which predicted rain. Although it was early in the season for that, we could see some storms and rain looming on the radar.


Being a part of creating this image collection for Kimberley Fine Diamonds, has been a highlight for me.

Kimberley Fine Diamonds is located in Kununurra and known as Australia's most remote diamond house, established in 1991 by outback pioneer Frauke Bolten-Boshammer.

I worked closely with Frauke's daughter Katrina, who was the driving force for this shoot. Katrina also designed this gorgeous collection with their Master Jeweller, Joe Sanchez, who handcrafted each piece.

The images were for KFD's Pink Wonder Collection - Gerany ngenhengbe-ngoowing ngoondengiyijang. 'A monumental collection celebrating the 30th anniversary and the unique Argyle Pink Diamond. Every piece in this nostalgic collection is handcrafted, showcasing natural white and pink diamonds from the now-concluded Argyle Diamond Mine.'

Katrina had a clear vision in mind for the shoot and I felt privileged to be able to bring her ideas to life. After a few planning sessions, a date was locked in and away we went!

Our locations included the amazing Zebedee Springs at El Questro and a stunning location beneath the Cockburn Range on the Gibb River Road.

The air was thick, our Kununurra models Liesa and Tori did an amazing job staying poised and on task with high temperatures. Meanwhile videographer Chris Magnay and myself were submerged in the water below to capture the footage. Sounds refreshing right? However the water at this location is hot springs, so we were feeling the heat as well!

Katrina had hand picked the beautiful outfits for our models which were absolutely stunning and perfectly suited to the vibe of the shoot.

A couple of hours in and the rain began to fall! Our set up in amongst the huge livistona palm trees became slowly saturated from the rain above. Some of the larger palms leaves provided us with shelter, enough to keep some of our things dry. However I should add that the rain was welcomed, as it took the edge away from the stifling heat just earlier.

We continued shooting in Zebedee Springs for a short time before heading to our second location. Chris and I were both getting distracted by some of the epic storm cell formations surrounding us as we arrived at the next spot, but then pulled ourselves away to commence shooting again with an incredible backdrop.

The stormy weather created a moody setting for our models in front of the Cockburn Range. At first I had a few concerns as the sun was being blocked by the clouds, however it turned out perfect and gave the images the feel that we were hoping for.

I love love loved working on these images! As well as the trust given to me by Katrina and the KFD team to create what they had envisaged.

When I look back on the final image gallery... it feels magic.

These images are very special to me and I'm proud to be able to share them with you.

Katrina has been sharing the images on KFD's website and social media, links listed below. Included in these posts are Chris Magnay's beautiful video creations, well worth a look.

(The gallery below is best viewed large. So if you're looking at this on your phone, write yourself a reminder to revisit this page once you're back on the laptop or computer. It'll be worth it I promise.)

Company: Kimberley Fine Diamonds | Website | Facebook | Instagram
Models: Liesa Conley from Kununurra and Gija Jaru Model Tori Elliott
Photography: Landi Bradshaw Photography | Website | Facebook | Instagram
Shoot Coordinator: Katrina Pardo from Kimberley Fine Diamonds
Videographer: Chris Magnay | Facebook | Instagram
Location: El Questro - Gibb River Road, East Kimberley region, Western Australia
Shoot for: Pink Wonder Collection - Gerany ngenhengbe-ngoowing ngoondengiyijang

NEW! Artopia Framing & Photography Shop
Opening Night

13th August 2021

From Landi:

Something exciting has been happening behind the scenes recently... and it's now here to share with you all!

Artopia Framing & Photography has opened in Kununurra at 116 Coolibah Drive!

(The old Toyworld building, 3 doors to the left of Subway).

Artopia's framing business is now based in this beautiful new space and I am lucky enough to have my prints displayed on the walls. Still can't believe it's real!

A huge thank you to the Yollandè the amazing framer, a helping hand from Abby at Artopia Gallery and of course... I can't thank Cally Bugg enough. The business owner and brains behind all of this - for this incredible opportunity.

The exhibition prints from the opening night are currently on display and available to take home as your very own. I would love you all to come in and have a look. Exciting times ahead!

Landi Bradshaw & Cally Bugg

From Artopia Framing & Photography:

Wow, we are feeling very humbled by the Kununurra community.

Thank you so much to everyone who came along to the opening night on Friday, it was an overload of good vibes.

We are so excited to share this journey with everyone and if the support from Friday was a sign of things to come... we can't wait!

Exciting news, as of today, Artopia Framing & Photography is open. Please pop in to say hi! We are located at the old Toyworld building, 3 doors to the left of Subway.

Landi Bradshaw's exhibition prints are displayed throughout the building and very much available to purchase.

Can't wait to see you all!
Cally, Yollandè and Landi xx

P.S. Artopia Gallery is still open for business as usual, featuring local artists of the Kimberley - at 144 Konkerberry Drive, Kununurra.

Landi, Cally & Yollandè

Opening Night Photos

Image Credit: Huge thank you to Angel Tomas from East Kimberley College for capturing these beautiful images from the evening.

Artopia Framing & Photography

Facebook: Artopia Framing & Photography
Email: framing@artopiagallery.com
Phone: 0487 028 938
Address: 116 Coolibah Drive, Kununurra WA 6743
Framer: Yollandè Grimley
Owner: Cally Bugg

Landi Bradshaw Photography

Facebook: Landi Bradshaw Photography
Email: landi.bradshaw@gmail.com
Phone: 0422 551 579
Website: www.landibradshawphotography.com.au

Artopia Gallery

Facebook: Artopia Gallery
Email: info@artopiagallery.com
Phone: (08) 91681 882
Address: 144 Konkerberry Drive, Kununurra WA 6743
Website: www.artopiagallery.com.au
Gallery Manager: Abby Holt
Owner: Cally Bugg

Kununurra Touch Football Association Photos

9th August 2021

I have been part of the Kununurra Touch Football Association since I moved to town in 2013. Having never played touch before, it was a quick learning curve to understand how it all worked! (Running forwards, passing backwards, constantly running forward then back, forward then back - all very new to me).

A few years later I helped to run the first women's touch footy comp, which was such a great milestone for the town, and later on held the role as the club president.

Today I play touch during the season every Monday night, it's one of my favourite sports!

The club organised these photos to focus on the junior players as well as capturing the beautiful red ranges in the background of the oval at sunset. For a small community it's fantastic to have a thriving junior comp!

Have a look through the photos and you may even find a shot of the open comp players somewhere in there!

Find more info here:
Kununurra Touch Facebook group (the most up to date place to find info)
Kununurra Touch Facebook page
Kununurra Touch website

Lake Argyle Swim 2021

1st May 2021

A record field successfully completed the 2021 Kimberley First National Lake Argyle Swim.

It was the first time I had been out on the water to experience the swim... and wow it was incredible! Such good vibes all day from competitors and so many hands on deck behind the scenes making sure everything ran smoothly.

Competitors from across the country made up 123 teams of solos, duos and quad teams in the 10km and 20km swims.

All swimmers, skippers and paddlers celebrated late into the evening with special guest MC Peter Rowsthorn and great music from Part Time Pirates and DJ Scotty.

The table service dinner was a fantastic end to an amazing day - catering for a whopping 700 guests!

Final results can be found here on the website: http://www.lakeargyleswim.com/

Monday 1/11/2021 at 9:00am. Don't forget this date as it's when registrations open for the 2022 swim!

More images here: Landi Bradshaw Photography Facebook Page - Head to 'Photos', then 'Albums', then 'Lake Argyle Swim 2021'

Emma Gorge & Amalia Gorge
with a 50mm Lens

11th April 2021

Everyone in Kununurra, plus a huge influx of visitors, are ecstatic with the news that El Questro has reopened for 2021! After remaining closed in 2020 for obvious reasons, we are so glad that we can visit this stunning part of the East Kimberley once again.

Today consisted of a visit to Emma Gorge and Amalia Gorge. Both were flowing beautifully and it was a welcoming feeling to be amongst the lush green surroundings once again.

I took along one camera only with a 50mm lens. It's a prime lens which means it stays at one focal length and doesn't zoom in and out.

Taking along one lens really makes you look deeper into the things right in front of you, or seeing things in the distance from a different perspective. We quite often get used to the focal length of our phones, which fit in the whole landscape in front of us, even more so with most phones having the option of a wide angle lens.

I really like way the 50mm lens makes you look at what's around you, in a way that you may not have with the naked eye.

Don't forget to click on the images below to view them in full size.

Emma Gorge

Amalia Gorge

For opening dates/hours and further info please contact: El Questro Wilderness Park
For all planning in the region please contact: Kununurra Visitor Centre

Absolutely love El Questro and would like a piece on your wall? Click here for El Questro Landscape Prints

Ord Valley Chiropractic
Business Imagery

9th April 2021

Ord Valley Chiropractic is a locally owned and run small business by Sally Earl.

Sally required some updated images for the business website, social media and general use. We had several planning sessions to ensure that we were both on the same page for what was needed for the business.

The scope was to capture clean and modern imagery for the clinic, showing the beautiful space as well as the friendly staff who work there.

I had a lot of fun with this shoot and think that the final image gallery shows off the warm and welcoming vibe of Ord Valley Chiropractic!

Ord Valley Chiropractic Website
Ord Valley Chiropractic Facebook Page

St Joseph's School - Quiz Night Print Donation

17th March 2021

St Joseph's Catholic Primary School in Kununurra hosts an annual St Patrick's Day Quiz Night. It's a highlight event of the year with usually more than 300 people attending in their best St Paddy's Day dress up!

The event is run with an amazing amount of support from local business, contributing toward the fundraiser. This year I donated a a print to be auctioned off on the night.

The stunning 1.2 metre wide print features the side view of King George Falls on Balanggarra country. It was captured at sunrise with a gorgeous Kimberley golden glow filtering through the rocks. The image was professionally printed on a beautiful high quality fine art paper, ready to be framed.

I hadn't printed a copy of this image until this point... and to see it finally come to life as a fine art print and not just on the computer screen, made me very happy! You can lose yourself looking into all details of the photo.

This print is also available to order here: Print Store

New Family Photo Packages

12th March 2021

It's finally here, my new family photo packages are now live on the website!

I have been working on these packages for a long time... research, trial and error, practise, forcing my friends to be test dummies for new ideas. Which has all led to a thorough fine tuning process of what is now on offer.

Over the years I had a clear vision of how I wanted the packages to be, however all good things take time and I've finally created it to suit what I was working towards.

The aim of my family photo sessions are to create beautiful images that tell a story. These aren't just quick snap type shoots, they're quality package options with memorable results.

With a focus on all things real and natural, there's nothing forced or awkward - just you and your loved ones captured in images. The photographs will be kept forever and give you that nostalgic feeling when you look back on them for years to come.

Click on the button below to see what it's all about.

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