Art Exhibition
by Chelsea Manning

4th September 2020

You may know Chelsea as the framer at Artopia Gallery in Kununurra, working busily behind the scenes to beautifully present artists' work ready to be displayed.

What you may not have known is that Chelsea Manning is an incredible artist herself.

In September 2020 Chelsea held her first art exhibition 'Ground', which unveiled a diverse range of 12 intricate and unique designs. A true testament to her work, almost all pieces sold out within the first 20 minutes of the doors opening.

A stand out piece titled by the name of the exhibition, held a special place and connection. A sketch on 100 year old paper with a fusion of scenes from the Kimberley as well as her family's heritage of Africa.

Family from Moora attended as well as a huge turnout from Kununurra locals. It was a bittersweet evening, after 3 years in Kununurra Chelsea is heading off on her next chapter.

This was such a magic evening and I really loved capturing these images.

You can find Chelsea's beautiful work here:
Chelsea Manning Instagram

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