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Prints come alive when they're created, to hold in your hands or be displayed on your wall. What happens to your beautiful photos if you don't print them? They live a sad and lonely life stuck in your computer (we've asked them and they're very unhappy).

Think about when you visit a friend's house and look at their framed photos on the wall, their collection of prints on the counter or the album on the coffee table. It's something special to appreciate and brings happiness looking through the images.

Below you'll find pricing lists for additional prints and products.

A few things to note:

  • Extra digital high res images are available, they are additional to the high res images included in your package.
  • Early bird prices are available when you order your products at time of booking your photo session. (Only available for framed prints and albums).
  • Framed prints: The sizes listed are the size of the print itself, the frames and mat borders are additional to this.
  • All prints and products are created by Atkins Pro Photo Lab. They specialise in prints and much more - that are hand made, carefully crafted, and truly special. 

Digital Prints - High Resolution

High resolution digital prints can also be seen as your 'digital negatives'. This means you have copies of the full size image files you have selected, to download and keep forever.

  • Extra 10 digital images: $150
  • Extra 20 digital images: $200

Prints Only

All loose photo prints are professionally printed with care, known as matte art prints. The quality and texture of the gorgeous matte paper, combined with the ink used in production, makes these prints that extra bit special and something to hang onto for years to come.

Prints ordered through popular bulk printing services online are made with poor quality products that often deteriorate over time. It's always worth investing in professional prints to avoid any disappointment. Your matte art prints look and feel amazing and when looked after with care, will last a lifetime.

4x6 inch prints (10x15cm)

  • 5: $50
  • 10: $90
  • 15: $130

6x9 inch prints (15x23cm)

  • 5: $80
  • 10: $150
  • 15: $220

8x12 inch prints (20x30cm)

  • 1: $50
  • 2: $95
  • 5: $200

12x18 inch prints (30x46cm)

  • 1: $80
  • 2: $150
  • 5: $350

Mounted Prints

Mounted prints include the amazing matte prints listed above, within a classy white border and a solid backing to hold it in place. These are light weight and protect your photos well, whilst giving the prints an elegant look. The mounted prints are also ready to be framed.

4x6 inch mounted prints (10x15cm)

  • 1: $30
  • 2: $55
  • 5: $80
  • 10: $150

8x12 inch mounted prints (20x30cm)

  • 1: $80
  • 2: $150
  • 5: $300

Framed Prints

Frame & Print Only

The frame and print option is elegant and has been designed to add something special to your already stunning images. Simplicity is at the heart of this framing option.

Once your print is made, it's then mounted onto a light board, then framed flush in a simple frame with a tiny spacer to keep the surface of your print away from the acrylic it's glazed with. Included is a traditional frame hanger, ready to proudly display on the wall.

  • Small 8x12 inch (20x30cm): $220
  • Medium 16x24 inch (40x60cm): $340
  • Large 24x46 inch (60x90cm): $550

    Early Bird Prices
  • Small 8x12 inch (20x30cm): $200
  • Medium 16x24 inch (40x60cm): $310
  • Large 24x46 inch (60x90cm): $510

Framed Print with White Mat Border

Framed prints with a white mat border is an old favourite, for good reason. It's the kind of frame that will hang anywhere and hold its beauty well into the future.

Your high quality print will be carefully mounted to board with archival adhesive, then framed in Italian sourced mouldings with a lightweight acrylic glazing that protects your picture. Once this print has arrived, you won't be able to wait to get it on the wall.

  • Small 8x12 inch (20x30cm): $240
  • Medium 16x24 inch (40x60cm): $380
  • Large 24x46 inch (60x90cm): $600

    Early Bird Prices
  • Small 8x12 inch (20x30cm): $220
  • Medium 16x24 inch (40x60cm): $350
  • Large 24x46 inch (60x90cm): $560

Floating Frame

This is the special one. The stand-out one. The one-off piece in your house that will draw in the eyes of visitors as soon as they step in the room. This option is a floating dream of perfection. Your gorgeous print of choice will be printed onto stunning cotton pulp art paper, followed by having its edges prepared then floated in between two pieces of acrylic.

The floating frame is only available in one size as it's such a unique option. Not too big and not too small, it simply speaks for itself.

  • 12x18 inch (30x46cm): $440

    Early Bird Price
  • 12x18 inch (30x46cm): $390

Linen Cover Albums

Although the albums require slightly more investment, this definitely isn't one to overlook.

Each lay flat album is hand constructed using Italian book binding machines and techniques. Atkins Matte Art Paper is sandwiched with archival adhesives, allowing stunning double page spreads on single sheets of paper. Each page is luxurious and ready to be loved and admired for generations.

Your album includes your names or a title of choice engraved on the front cover and is kept safe in a beautiful raw linen album box. Both album size options have 15 spreads inside (30 page sides). Bound with a stunning natural linen cover, these wonderful albums need to be seen and touched to be believed.

The full album design process is included in the pricing below.

  • 8x8 inch album (20x20cm): $800
  • 10x10 inch album (25x25cm): $1100

    Early Bird Prices
  • 8x8 inch album (20x20cm): $700
  • 10x10 inch album (25x25cm): $1000

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